How are your leaders perceived by their teams?       Are people leaving your company because of their leaders?

Let us help your leaders create a winning work environment, through honest interaction with their teams

1. People don’t leave companies....they leave their managers!

This point has been very well documented. An employee's level of performance is directly related to the level of engagement....[More...]
2. How it works

Goalgetters has designed specific Leadership Evaluation questionnaires, based on years of research and from feedback sourced from thousands of employees....
3. The unique 'Best Leader' joggers

The real bonus of the process is that leaders are able to use the feedback to ‘self-develop’, on the job....

4. The unique combined scores view

One of the most valuable features of the ‘Best Leader’ tool is the ‘Combined Scores View’ that displays, from a bird’s eye perspective....
5. What leaders say about 'Best Leader'

It is a like a ‘performance management’ exercise, just more positive and interactive.
It gives me a place to start my development!....

6. How ‘Best Leader’ differs from other leadership surveys

It is more than a survey - it is a development tool which provides leaders with a process and on-line help on how to develop leadership effectiveness....
7. Why it is a ‘no brainer’ for your business to have ‘Best Leader'!

Leaders are developed without having to take them off the job.
Leaders build up a positive....
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