1. People don’t leave companies....they leave their managers!

It has been well documented that “people don’t leave companies…they leave their bosses” and that an employee’s level of performance is directly related to his or her level of engagement.

But how are your managers and supervisors presently perceived by their teams?

How can they find out?

And once they’ve found out, what can they do to become even better leaders?

The Goalgetters ‘Best Leader’ tool:

- Gives leaders a wonderful opportunity to engage with their staff, as they develop themselves

- Gives staff an opportunity to complete simple ON-LINE surveys that help them to honestly evaluate their manager or supervisor, thus assisting in their leader’s development

- Gives leaders simple, effective and CONFIDENTIAL feedback on how they are perceived by their staff, FROM THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN COMPUTERS

- Goes beyond just giving leaders valuable feedback by providing them with on-line help on how to remedy any deficiencies and improve their leadership skills

- Is spread over a number of months, to eradicate the ‘snap shot’ survey syndrome and to enable both leaders and staff to plot the success of the process

- Provides the organization champion or head access to a birds-eye view of how all the leaders have been rated and how they progress between surveys


2. How it works

Goalgetters has designed specific Leadership Evaluation questionnaires, based on years of research and from feedback sourced from thousands of employees, managers and leaders in many different economic sectors. The evaluations are easy to fill out and take very little time.

A leader’s subordinates (team members), anonymously, punch in their questionnaire ratings on a computer [the time intervals between each evaluation will be up to the individual organisation concerned]. The leader gains immediate access to results. All team members’ ratings are combined to give the leader an overall perception of how his team rates him. The leader then goes to the applicable self-help ‘joggers’ to help him work on the areas requiring improvement.



3. The unique 'Best Leader' joggers

The real bonus of the process is that leaders are able to use the feedback to ‘self-develop’, on the job. Together with their teams, they take accountability for their leadership growth.

With the use of the unique Goalgetters self-help ‘joggers’, leaders are able to tackle areas of perceived weakness that have been highlighted in their evaluations. They systematically work through the ‘joggers’, at their own pace, whilst at the workplace. These ‘joggers’ are broken down into the various leadership categories and are filled with relevant , practical and easy-to-implement tips, plus insightful theory and useful exercises.


4. The unique combined scores view

One of the most valuable features of the ‘Best Leader’ tool is the ‘Combined Scores View’ that displays, from a bird’s eye perspective, how all the leaders have been rated. It gives the CEO/MD/OWNER the opportunity to see, at a glance, whether there are RED areas of concern; ORANGE areas that need closer investigation; or gives peace of mind that all is GREEN and healthy, from the perspective of the employees’ ratings of leadership in the company.

This is of paramount importance, as an employee who is unhappy with the leadership of his boss normally becomes disengaged or leaves.


5. What leaders say about 'Best Leader'

 - It is a like a ‘performance management’ exercise, just more positive and interactive

- It gives me a place to start my development!

- The feedback is instant – it is sent directly to my computer

 - It is easy to digest and understand

 - It provided me an ideal platform to engage with my staff before the survey, to ask their assistance in helping

   me to grow as a leader  

 - This has created better communication all round and helped enhance the relationships I have with my team 

- Each question has a score or rating, so I know exactly where I am perceived to be weak or strong

 - I was able to feedback to my team how I had been perceived and as a result, had the opportunity to break

  down barriers and get to the bottom of sensitive issues

- I have made use of the ‘self-help joggers’ to give me tips on how to improve my ratings next time round •

- I now feel I have been empowered to grow myself as a leader – it is not just up to my boss or my company to 

  do this


6. How ‘Best Leader’ differs from other leadership surveys
• It is more than a survey - it is a development tool which provides leaders with a process and on-line help on
  how to develop leadership effectiveness.

• It is uncomplicated - it does not rate the leader on copious dimensions, but due to years of research, has simplified the rating to 4 main relevant dimensions.

• It does not provide complicated and in-depth feedback. Best Leader gives leaders concise feedback in simple graph form, so leaders can quickly ascertain how they are perceived by their teams in the various dimensions. Leaders can further access exactly what it is within those dimensions that require attention.

 • It is not a once off survey. Best Leader aims on developing a leader over a period of time (between surveys).

 • Although it can assist in various aspects such as performance appraisal, its focus is to help leaders positively
   engage with their team, to improve overall team effectiveness.

• The birds-eye picture of all the leaders results together, gives the head of the organisation a clear indication of
  how his leaders are perceived by their team and how they are progressing between surveys.


7. Why it is a ‘no brainer’ for your business to have ‘Best Leader'!

• Leaders are developed without having to take them off the job

• Leaders build up a positive rapport with their staff during, and after, the process

• Leaders are seen to be working towards a common ‘Leadership Goal’ and not in isolation

 • Communication, problem-solving, morale and openness are enhanced within the teams

 • All staff become more engaged during the process

 • The process can be used to transform and energize organizational culture

 • Leaders will have been scored on their Interpersonal ability, their Respect and Trust, their People Development

  and their Operational Leadership and will be more effective leaders going forward 

 • More competent leaders are happier leaders and more likely to stay with the organisation

 • Due to the birds-eye view the MD, CEO OR OWNER has, a leader’s deficiencies can be quickly determined and if

  necessary, a developmental process in conjunction with the self-help ‘joggers’, can be put in place 

 • There is no paper trail involved – it is web-based and ‘in the cloud’

 • Everything is ‘real time’ - leaders have immediate access to their scores; no waiting involved

 • The process is totally anonymous

 • Leaders are scored over a number of months, which gives a more accurate reflection of people’s perceptions of

  them and gives leaders a chance to remedy any perceived weaknesses 

 • This tool helps to retain good staff who may otherwise have moved on, due to inadequate leadership